#100DaysOfCode – A Complete Guide for Beginners

Want to challenge yourself when it comes to your work ethic as a programmer? Feel like you might not be putting in the right amount of effort required to complete your deadlines? Well, is there a challenge for you #100DaysOfCode Challenge.

The #100DaysOfCode challenge does exactly as it says. You challenge yourself to code for 100 days consecutively. At least for an hour each day, every day, for 100 days. And see if you come out of the challenge a better programmer/developer.

But what is this challenge and what are its origins? And how did it come to popularity so suddenly? Let us dive right into it.

#100DaysOfCode Challenge – Origins:

A Russian expatriate, Alexander Kallaway, came up with this challenge back in 2016. With the intent to learn how to code, Alex started the challenge of coding for a 100 days straight.

By his reasoning, he lamented that he had grown unmotivated and complacent when it came to his wish to learn to code. And that by forcing himself on a strict schedule, he would be able to complete his goals.

Going a step further, Alex posted this challenge online, to hold himself more accountable. And in the hopes to build a community of like-minded individuals who might also like to take part in the challenge.

What he had no idea about was how much this challenge would blow up online. Or how positive the results of it would be. Before long, others were taking part in the challenge as well. And posting about it online, along with their progress.

While at times it grew difficult to maintain the daily quota of coding—users around the world started creating groups and progress reports, with the hashtag #100DaysOfCode. Which helped in holding themselves – as Alex himself did – more accountable as they pushed forward to complete the challenge.

#100DaysOfCode Challenge – Impact:

As more and more people started joining the challenge, many started reporting how difficult it became for them at times. After all, it isn’t easy to maintain a perfect schedule for 100 days straight when we have other obligations. Or even have days where we just don’t feel like it.

For this exact reason, people started creating daily logs to enter their progress. And when you forgo a day or two, you might start feeling dissatisfied. Thus, you force yourself to push forward and finish your work.

Alex Kallaway had tweeted;

“This is how the challenge was born — a couple of simple rules, social accountability, and nothing more. Accountability is one of the biggest factors in trying to change some aspect of your life.”

Accountability is key. By holding ourselves accountable for our work progress, we can accomplish our major tasks.

The impact of such a challenge was huge. Projects that had been lined up for months were completed, simple coding tasks were finished, and lessons were concluded. And best of all – some even applied for jobs as programmers and software developers and got accepted. All because they put in the work and managed to see it through.

#100DaysOfCode Challenge – Future:

You can start the challenge yourself as well. It is a great way of accomplishing any coding-related tasks or projects that you might have on the back burner. This time around, you might be able to complete them.

This challenge is also a great way of acclimating yourself to the world of coding. That was the major goal Alexander Kallaway set for himself.

All you will have to do to really get into the experience is set to clear goals and ideals in your mind before starting the challenge. Once those are decided, you can start working daily. An hour or two of work, or even more if you have time to spare.

The crux of the challenge is to complete almost an hour of work every day. Along with keeping a general log of your daily progress. You can post it online for others to see as well. That way you can bound yourself to complete your daily goals. It’s also a great way of building community and interacting with others.

To really get into the heart of the challenge, you have to forward this challenge to two other candidates to keep the trend going.

And before you know it, you’ll have completed this challenge without a hitch.

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