5 Reasons Why Progressive Web Apps Are in Demand

With the world changing as we speak, newer and better technological advancements are a must for every individual. It is no longer about having digital aid through subpar tech, but more about the demand for up-to-date technological devices that have the latest features, with the added promise of newer updates to come regularly. While we couldn’t even imagine the concept of devices such as smartphones two decades back, as of today, they are as essential as any other basic amenity.

So with the focus towards creating better and faster devices that need to be constantly on the up and up when it comes to adapting to newer trends, it was no wonder that a solution as reliable as PWA (Progressive Web Apps) came into the mix. With legacy apps being a thing of the past, and a growing annoyance with native apps for their multilayered setup criteria, PWA managed to slip in as an answer to all your prayers.

PWAs are the sort of web app that provides a faster and more personalized app experience to users. They are cross-platform and require no extra lagging time with setups or extra data usage. The interface provided by PWAs is also extremely progressive and highly accessible to their users. You can easily access these web apps through your web server or through your local device app store.

The best thing about Progressive Web Apps is how easy and simple they are to work on, allowing for better mobility and navigation through their interface. And if the sudden resurgence of popular social media platforms wishing to eventually transfer their platforms in the PWA format is any indication of how well they are working in gaining user engagements is any indication, PWAs are here to stay.

Top 5 Reasons Why Progressive Web Apps are the app format of the Future:

They are fast

These web apps are extremely fast in their execution as they provide Service Workers, which are JavaScript files that store cache assets that can help enhance your user experience as the load-up speed of the app will increase exponentially with every revisit. These service workers act as an intermediary between the browser and the web server, which helps to boost your app performance significantly.

They are secure

PWAs make use of the HTTPS protocol, which is different from the traditional HTTP web protocol in the sense that the former is more secure, providing an added layer of encryption on your data.

They use less data

While native apps have heaps of app data that come with their installation, PWAs have a more progressive memory management feature that allows for a careful organization of cache data while providing the same interface and performance as native apps. You can save up a lot of space on your device with PWAs.

They are reliable and engaging

PWAs incorporate an application shell architecture, which helps your apps run smoothly and seamlessly without taking up a lot of loading time. This way you can easily navigate through your app’s content without having to worry about extra data usage and slow or offline network connections.

They are cost-effective

The PWAs reuse the same stacks for both native and web frameworks, allowing them ample opportunity to create a more cost-effective solution because traditional native apps create separate frameworks for both Apple App Store and Google Play Store, doing essentially double the work that Progressive Web Apps do, while at the same time providing almost the same working interface to their users.


With more and more demands for faster performance, lesser data usage, and better functionality, it is no wonder that Progressive Web Apps became an option that many can get behind. The seamless integrations and amazing working criteria of PWAs make them the app format of the future, leaving all others in the dust.

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