7 Applications of IoT in Real Life

Humans are social creatures. With the advent of the internet, there has been a revolution of sorts. Where people across the entire globe are connected to one another in ways they had not been before. We have the advantage of carrying around handheld devices that serve as our connecting devices.

But these devices serve a bigger purpose. As they are our means of communication, interaction, and information gathering. They have eased our lives in more ways than one. So it was only a logical choice to intrinsically apply them in all facets of our lives. From household conveniences, medical care, security, industry use, and other such day-to-day uses.

And there are a lot more where that came from. With the use of these smart devices integrating the internet into all aspects of our lives. Hence the term Internet of Things (IoT), showcases how the Internet can be applicable in real-world applications.

The only question left now is to find out what these real-world uses are. And just how exactly will IoT revolutionize tasks from both simple and menial, to complex and difficult? All for the convenience of mankind.

Here are 7 applications of IoT in real life:

Smart Homes:

This is perhaps the greatest use of IoT. The concept of smart homes is one of great convenience and ease for homeowners everywhere. If someone had the option of automatic operation of simple household tasks, wouldn’t they take it?

Smart homes allow homeowners to integrate intelligent devices around their houses that have high operability. For instance, you can unlock your house locks through a handheld device before entering. Or you can turn on your inside or outside lights all from one place. You can even install surround sound speakers. Which will turn on with a single voice command and play any tunes you wish.

There are even smart devices that can give you diagnostics of your house water usage, electricity meters, etc., all from the comfort of your couch. These are just some of the examples of why Smart Housing is a thing of the future that benefits families everywhere.

Electric Cars:

With the invention of Tesla’s electric cars, the world is seeking to find more solutions. Such as allowing people to purchase electric cars that are energy efficient and have a grid of intelligent systems embedded inside. Which allows them to do anything from figuring out road patterns, traffic hubs, shortcuts, road safety, dealing with traffic signals, etc.

All of this is done through the use of applying IoT services to the vehicle to provide users with a car that is both intelligent and can operate easily on autopilot on busy roads.


Watches are a thing of the past. The design of a wrist wearable or an ankle wearable comes with a variety of features from internet connections to fitness checks. Wearers can switch on the wearables that will then make use of sensors and software applications to gather information from their surroundings and give them suitable results.

Your body can go through a rigorous workout and your device will remind you about your water intake, blood pressure, and heart rate, down to how many steps you’ve taken in the entire day. That’s how intelligent these devices have gotten.

Don’t worry though, it still has the ability to tell time too.

Smart Cities:

Right in conjunction with Smart Houses, these Smart Cities take things to a whole other level and apply the usage of IoT services to ensure that the entire city system is being carefully calibrated and used. For example, the city water supply, electricity grids, security, and surveillance, etc. All these instances are monitored through these intelligent systems to provide their residents with the best possible experience.


Industry usage of IoT can be seen as far as heavy machinery being operated through smart grids, or through the use of supply chain/tracking/inventory of products efficiency. Just some of the practical applications of IoT in the industry. Products are being developed at a much higher rate since the machinery that is operating them has gotten more intelligent and automated.

Industrial productivity has gone through the roof in the last decade alone.


Medical and Healthcare are one of the most important sectors and applying new-age techniques to this field can result in long-lasting effects on the welfare of human life. With the help of IoT, healthcare can be improved exponentially as there will be a more intelligent system set in place to carefully analyze human ailments and find a cure that can combat these diseases.


Shopping and retail have seen the most usage of IoT services as e-commerce has flourished over the last two decades and setups like Amazon have garnered the attention of users everywhere. Who wouldn’t want their goods delivered to their doorstep without having to take a foot out of their house?

So in that sense, online retail stores have applied extra features that can help their shoppers navigate easily through products and find the ones that they require more quickly.

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