SEO vs. PPC – Which to choose?

When working the online market for your e-commerce trade, there are different sets of rules that every business owner has to follow. Subsequently, how they conduct their online business, its setup, maintenance, and marketing campaigns, are some aspects that need to be properly vetted if that business is to become successful.

In cases such as that, the digital world provides ample opportunities to its users so that they can rise through the rankings and profit from their trade. Two such options are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) vs. PPC (Pay-Per-Click), both of which are marketing strategies that help businesses launch their campaigns to better display their product/content.

But in proper terms, these two need to be pitted against one another to decide which strategy would be better suited. To do that, let’s dive into what both terms are and what their pros and cons are.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO is an organic approach to increasing traffic on your website as it allows for user engagement to help boost your search engine rankings. To rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERP), you need to follow a set of guidelines that can help you promote your website. Several SEO marketing strategies are set in place that can help with this. Such as keyword placement, social network marketing, type-in traffics, etc. All of which is a small part of how you can increase your website traffic.

Pros & Cons:

SEO marketing comes with both pros and cons as it helps balance your search engine rankings. And since this approach generates more organic traffic compared to other such techniques, it is one of the most highly lauded out of the two.

Here are some of the pros and cons of SEO:

1. SEO is more cost-effective.

2. Organic traffic generation helps boost your ranking far better than paid traffic.

3. The traffic you generate will be more targeted to your specified audience.

4. Control over your business execution and improvement charges all apply to you, giving you authority over your business’s success rate.

5. You will be allotted better conversion rates compared to others.

6. There is exponential growth in your sales while using SEO.


1. SEO ranking systems take a lot of time to get into effect.

2. There are no guarantees or fail-safes regarding SEO, as you may not always rank higher.

3. Competition for spots on the rankings is steep, resulting in fewer chances for you to rise to the top.

4. The SEO algorithm does not always favor every business.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click):

PPC is another form of marketing in the digital realm where users pay for every hit on their content. In PPC, advertisers promote their content through ads on other pages or publisher’s websites, and every click that their ads get enables them to pay the publisher. This is a business strategy that has long since worked which shows PPCs relevance. Every hit generated makes more money.

    Here are some of the pros and cons of PPC:

    Just like SEO, PPC also has its share of pros and cons when it comes to its strategizing for ecommerce trades. As for whether one is better than the other, let’s look at what PPC has to offer:


    1. PPC is also a cost-effective system, where the advertiser is only obligated to pay once there is a hit.

    2. Users have complete control of the demographics, allocation, and management of their ads and they can effectively control the direction of traffic as such.

    3. In comparison to organic searches, PPC produces results faster.

    4. Users are also allowed customization metrics while setting up their ad campaigns.


    1. While PPC might generate results faster, there is still the time-consuming task of optimizing your campaigns and putting the necessary efforts into them.

    2. The PPC campaigns are also difficult to maintain and require experience to handle them.

    3. There is also no direct guarantee that any hits and clicks will produce long-term positive effects on your business’s profits.

    Final Word:

    The final assessment of both digital search engine marketing strategies, namely SEO and PPC, proves that no one strategy truly reigns supreme over the other. The optimal solution to such a conundrum is the usage of both strategies at the same time, playing off both of them in tandem. The results of which are that both have features that can work in cohesion with one another and their components could mesh together to give us an excellent marketing strategy for our online trade.

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