Shopify vs WooCommerce – Which is better?

Trying to find the right e-commerce platform that fits your business requirement. But you feel torn between choosing the two most popular platforms available online? Well, this is high time to pit both Shopify vs. WooCommerce against one another and see which one comes out on top.

In order for you to choose the right fit, you need to understand what both platforms are offering and what are their limitations. And the one you feel is more suitable to your business needs, will be the better choice for your online marketing.

What do they offer?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that aims to provide a whole slew of digital marketing features. While WooCommerce is an open-source plugin, that works in conjunction with WordPress.

Since WordPress is one of the reigning champs in website building across the globe. It is pretty obvious that WooCommerce is an ace plugin that allows users to operate with a powerful CMS. While also providing them with all of the basic and premium features that will help them start and maintain their online shop.

How do they work?


With Shopify, you will be, guaranteed, a platform that can help you create a small or large-scale digital business. Which you can manage and popularize through the excellent technical and marketing prowess that Shopify has. Plus, there is a surety of creating a scalable online store that will thrive. All due to the multitude of features that Shopify hosts in its arsenal.

Imagine high-end analytics functions, customizable shops, personalization options, faster processing speeds, better security, and SEO. It also hosts other such built-in features that are put there to increase your profitability.

With these sorts of high scale features at your disposal, your business will surely flourish.


On the other hand, WooCommerce is no helpless bystander. As it has the backing of one of the most popular CMS systems that people have been using worldwide. But WooCommerce doesn’t just play second fiddle to WordPress, as it has excellent scalability when it comes to creating an online store for your business.

As it stands, WooCommerce is especially known for having a great UI, allowing users to iteratively work on their websites in a stately and seamless fashion. Its ease of use is one of its defining traits.

Among others, WooCommerce has all the essential e-commerce development and management features that make it so likable in the online community. It has optimized conversion rates, customizing options, security, and excellent customer service option.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with choosing WooCommerce to aid in your online business endeavors.

Pricing: Shopify vs. WooCommerce:

When it comes to pricing plans, WooCommerce has Shopify stumped, as the former is actually a free plugin, while the latter charges for a monthly plan.

Shopify charges its customers anywhere from $29 to $299, with both plans providing basic to premium features, respectively. Both options come with a bevy of features that users can fully make use of, and after taking in the full working experience of Shopify, they will definitely not be disappointed.

Going over to WooCommerce though, all isn’t rainbows and butterflies. Because even though the plugin in itself is free of charge, you will still have to pay a fee for certain things before you can take in the full experience of WooCommerce. You will have to pay for your Domain name, your SSL certification, additional storage, and a number of accounts, and for the web hosting plan offered by WordPress. Once all of that is cleared, you can make full use of WooCommerce’s services.

Which is better?

The moment of reckoning—which platform to choose.

As both platforms have an impressive repertoire, and their usability is only made evident by their customer satisfaction rates, which are through the roof. It is only fitting that there at least be something that would tip the favor in any one platform’s favor.
In that regard, it all comes down to the user’s requirements. What they are looking for in creating their online business and what kind of functions do they wish to explore?

But if there were a choice that needed to be made, Shopify is more for those that are looking for a highly scalable and technically astute solution for their digital marketing problems.

While WooCommerce is more catered to the crowd that wishes for an easy and cost-effective solution.

But one thing is agreed, both platforms are excellent in their work.

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