Should we be scared of Quantum Computers?

In the past decade alone, humanity has made a shift from the ordinary and straight to the twilight zone. Phenomena that seemed almost impossible have become possible with the help of the latest technology, which is ever-evolving and showing no signs of stopping any time soon. One such phenomenon is Quantum Computers, which take a regular computer and maxes its powers to a million. Making us wonder, should we be afraid of Quantum Computers?

Excess of anything is bad – a concept we’re all familiar with. So why shouldn’t that same concept apply to Artificial Intelligence and Super Computers? If given enough control, they can certainly take on a sentient lifeform of their own. This might seem a bit too science fiction for some, but it’s all a matter of perspective.

This brings us to Quantum Computers, which have the power to solve complex problems that simpler computers could take centuries to solve. They can cross over any technological obstacle in their way, which could be a good thing, for one. But given enough perspective, then we can start seeing the cracks in its façade.

Because what are the ramifications of creating a computer that has the computational power which far exceeds any humans, and/or technological smart device? It would be like letting Superman loose in Metropolis knowing he has the power to create extreme catastrophes, but so long as he’s on our side, it’s all good. But that doesn’t negate the fact that he can cause those catastrophes because he has the ability to. Quantum Computers are a regular Superman, in that case.

Which should make us wonder if we’re right to be afraid of their potential.

What are Quantum Computers?

Quantum Computers operate under the phenomenon of quantum mechanics, which is a field of physics that deals with the universe working at an atomic or subatomic level. Breaking everything down to their most infinite pieces where regular laws of physics have no use.

By applying the concept of quantum mechanics, several subbranches have been created as well. One of which is Quantum Computing.

These so-called supercomputers have massive amounts of computational powers that have not been seen before. The data in Quantum Computers is encoded in qubits, or quantum bits, which are not binary bits.

The purpose of these computers is to be able to solve problems on a much larger scale, faster than ever before. And the problems these computers will undertake are no regular problems either. Think along the lines of preventing natural disasters before they’ve even begun, treating diseases, making AI more humanoid, etc. And these are just some of the ways Quantum Computers can help us.

Why we should be afraid of Quantum Computers?

While Quantum Computers will be extremely beneficial in various aspects of our lives, there is also the flip side of the coin.

We have major reasons to fear this new technology, even more, if we can’t rein it in before it gets out of hand.

By having a computer that can easily outpower the best of our supercomputers a hundred million times. We can safely say that this technology in the hands of the wrong people can become catastrophic.

Our data won’t be safe, no matter what kinds of protections or encryptions we set in place. Not only our personal information but also our personal digital assets. Which is already a problem if regular hackers get ahold of such information. With a mega computer operating under quantum computing, we can be sure to know that this will become a global nightmare.

These computers have the power to take out the electricity grids of cities. Hijack any military facility, alter/steal any information. Whole countries can come under siege.

So if this new technology, which is still in its infancy at the moment, isn’t regulated efficiently, it can easily become a weapon of warfare. And that is something we should be very afraid of.

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