The Importance of GitHub for Web Developers

Working in the field of Computer Science, a person has most likely encountered the GitHub repository. There’s no going around it as it is the worlds leading and largest code host source as of 2023. GitHub has everything from repositories, source code, collaboration features, access control features, and task management tools. It even has a web-based graphical interface which can come in handy in loads of projects.

It is essentially a developer’s biggest wish come true. Helping them navigate libraries upon libraries in search of tools required to fulfill their project requirements. Even having the opportunity to collaborate with other developers on projects, accumulating their expertise and combining them with their own.

And the best part about GitHub? It is completely free. Free to access and free to load whatever source code or document or repository you wish to acquire.

The computer world hasn’t been the same as GitHub has widely influenced the entire IT community for the better.

What is GitHub?

GitHub was launched back in April of 2008 in San Francisco, CA, by Chris Wanstrath, Tom Preston-Werner, and PJ Hyett. It was clearly a labor of the heart. Made out of necessity for their own work. Afterward, it set off to become the biggest online code repository in the world, helping numerous academics in the process.

This open-source platform became essential for digital entrepreneurs and academic novices. Helping revolutionize the world of software development in a way that nothing ever has.

As of 2023, it has over 200 million repositories. And it has enlisted the help of over 73 million developers as part of its collaborative team. These are huge numbers. And the fact that 200 countries use GitHub, goes to show just how important of a tool it has become.

Benefits of GitHub:

The sheer number of users it boasts is enough evidence that GitHub is on the right track. So let us highlight what its core benefits are, and the reason why it is so essential for developers as a tool.

Open-source: The fact that GitHub is free to access, makes it the best tool for college kids and Ph.D. academics to collaborate with to initiate their software projects, It is easier to access any sort of documentation that you wish to attain for your work because chances are GitHub will have it available for you, making your work easier to do.

A repository of code: As GitHub is a repository, it acts as a public library for all sorts of source codes and documentation, available at a moment’s notice.

Includes excellent integration options: GitHub has integrations with all the big leagues in the game, namely Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Slack, etc.

Helps with version control: GitHub is a version control platform. It helps in your project’s development process. Allowing you the option of tracking your codebase, detecting errors, and following up on results.

Provides a great graphical interface: It has a real-time graphical interface meant for the purpose of following up on any commits of the code you wish to access. You can check any code repository to check up on their commits and make your decision based on if the code follows your requirements.

Collaborative tools: As mentioned before, GitHub has over 73 million developers at their disposal, combining that with the developers opting to use GitHub as a means of increasing their work community. You can thus make use of it as a means to collaborate with developers in your field for your project development.

Helps showcase your skills as a developer: Aside from collaboration for projects, one can also use GitHub as a means of attracting recruits or hiring them based on their portfolio. Many can get hired to work for companies as well. All with the help of GitHub.

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