The Power of The Hashtags – Are they still relevant?

The online social climate keeps evolving in ways that are both intuitive and easily traversable. One such tool that plays a big role in the modern social media climate is Hashtag (#). People on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., make use of hashtags in almost 99% of their posts. This proves to show their relevance. It has become a marketing technique, meant to increase engagements and interactions between people. And the best part is that it works wonders, making hashtags extremely relevant.

Hashtags allow online users to connect with audiences and increase the visibility of their content. All this so more people will interact with their posts. When properly used, hashtags have a way of categorizing your content. Making it so people interested in those topics and trends could easily discover you.

Hashtags are useful that way.

But how exactly do they work and what is the right way of using hashtags? Even more, is there still relevancy in using hashtags in the year 2023? We’ll discuss all of that.

What are Hashtags?

Hashtags are basically important and relevant keywords or simple phrases or proses attached after the # symbol. These keywords or phrases simplify the core themes of the content you are posting on your social media platforms, but these words can’t just be any word either. They have to be important words that people can immediately identify.

As such, people will search these hashtags and your posts/content will be made more accessible to the masses, increasing your user engagement and putting your content on the map.

It is seen that posts using more than one hashtag have experienced increased engagement with users compared to posts that have no hashtags. This goes to show that hashtags impact the visibility of online content.

How to use Hashtags properly?

As is already stated, hashtags have the power to increase your content traffic. But there is still the problem of using irrelevant hashtags that can make affect your content engagements severely.

Hashtags need to be concise and follow a simple pattern or trend. They have to endorse the brand you are trying to build while also having significance with your posts. It can’t just be a random generation of words that make no obvious sense.

In fact, there are already millions of hashtags available online that showcase every type of content and are more popular amongst users. If your content has connections to these more popular hashtags, you can always use them and be guaranteed that people will interact with your content.

But all good things come in moderation and the quality of your content has to be up to par as well.

Are Hashtags still relevant?

Well of course. Hashtags are a huge part of the online social scene and there is seldom anyone online that doesn’t use them. Using the right hashtag has a huge positive impact on your content.

And there are ways for your content or brand to really kick off if you follow the right techniques. Because general hashtags are just the tip of the iceberg, there are popular hashtags that most people follow, and there are location tags or even brand tags that follow a specific company or product.

Relevancy with your content is extremely important though. As is the conciseness of your hashtags as there is a limit on how many you can use in a post on most social media platforms. Which enables more moderation when it comes to their usage and keeps the algorithm running smoothly.

But once you get the hang of this feature, your posts will be discovered all the more easily.

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