The Pros and Cons of Working From Home

Working from home used to be considered a rare luxury. A person could kick back and do their work from the relaxation of their home. No need to be on edge from any corporate influence, or societal interactions. If your work was up to par and your employers were satisfied with your progress, it was all smooth sailing.

Considering the recent pandemic that shifted the dichotomy of the entire world, working from home became a foregone conclusion. It wasn’t a luxury anymore, but more so a necessity. Every business incorporation, conglomerate, web developer, social service worker, and basically, everyone with a desk job that required them to be present in their work environment, was relegated to working from home.

This brought about a shift in the economy as well—but not all of it was considered bad. A lot of social cues that had prevented a seamless progression of work, were absent now so productivity had increased.

Who knew giving people ample space and comfort would help them with their work, right? And as foreign a concept as that had become, the world finally had a moment to take a step back, assess, and relax. Which was both a good thing and a bad thing.
Here are the pros and cons of working from home:


Remote work was usually confined to freelancers in the past, and they made it work by making use of the tools at their disposal. This makes for a conducive working environment that is void of any toxic outsider influence.

Here are some of the advantages of working from home:

1. More independence

2. Flexibility to work

3. Increased productivity

4. Fewer distractions

5. Better work-life balance

6. No commuting expenses

More Independence

You will be allotted more freedom and independence to work if you have a disciplined schedule. Without worrying about any physical limitations that a workplace environment provides.

Flexibility to work

You can keep your own time, so long as your work is completed within the required duration.

Increased Productivity

It is shown that when employees are given the freedom to choose their work hours, and a work environment where they feel most comfortable, there was an increase in overall work productivity.

Fewer Distractions

In the comfort and silence of your own home, there wouldn’t be any options for physical distractions. Whether they be workplace disputes, competitive colleagues, social interactive norms, etc. In the absence of these, you can work more freely.

Better Work-Life Balance

You can easily manage your household chores while you work, which results in a more balanced environment that is conducive to success.

No Commuting Expenses

Working from home, you won’t have to make that lengthy commute to your office. Which can help cut back on a lot of expenses.


As with the many advantages of working from home, there are also a lot of disadvantages that can sour the whole experience.
Here are some of the cons of working from home:

1. Harder to get proper information

2. No technological support

3. Distractions from home

4. Isolation

5. Disconnect from society

Harder to get proper information

Since you will be working from home, you will be faced with complications when it comes to getting important work information. Information that would have otherwise been readily available at your workplace, either directly from your employer or your colleagues.

No Technological Support

The equipment that workplaces invest so much of their dime in, won’t be available at your home, which can make work harder to do.

Distractions from Home

At home, you may not have the social hang-ups you faced at your workplace, but you will have distractions from either family members, emergencies, chores, etc. And you may find it difficult to accomplish much work if you’re constantly putting out fires left and right.


In complete isolation from others, people usually start to regress, and your work progress suffers greatly. You might start to procrastinate on work when there is no outer influence there to guide or monitor your progress.

Disconnect from the Workplace

Working from home can lead to a severe disconnect from your usual workplace and the environment where coworkers interact and communicate with one another. This can make things difficult for you in the long run.

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