Top 10 Must-Have Features for your E-commerce Website

When creating e-commerce websites, there’s always the issue of what you should and shouldn’t include in terms of features. What would be more lucrative and attractive to your audience? Even more, what are the major requirements that should be present in the dashboard of your website?

There are certain features that every e-commerce website should include in its design structure. Not only in the sense of improving its design, but also for the sake of improving usability and functionality.

Because a website that looks sleek and inventive, also loads quickly and can be easily navigated. Not to mention that from your customer’s perspective, it contains all the necessary features and tools within reach. Those are the kinds of e-commerce websites that manage to keep your audience’s attention.

Here are the top 10 must-have features any e-commerce website should have:

1. User-friendly Navigation:

You have to make sure that your website is organized in a way that pushes the important and popular features at the forefront. That way any customer can easily pop on over to areas like product checkout or FAQ, etc. with just one click. In this way, your website will seem user-friendly and easily navigational.

2. Innovative Design:

When creating your website, you are given a list of templates that are suitable for your brand type. You can also customize and create your own design template so that it better suits your needs. As first impressions of your website will come from its design, creating a website that looks good is extremely important. While also giving a seamless viewing experience for your customers.

3. Shopping Cart and Checkout:

For e-commerce websites, selling products is the entire gist of it. By adding items like shopping carts and checkout options, your website will be elevated to a higher ranking. Customers can easily pop on over to your catalog of products, add the things they like into their respective carts, and check out the items.

4. Payment Options:

Nowadays there are multiple payment options available for the common man. Gone are the days of paper money exchange. These days transactions are done through credit cards and debit cards. And even then there are multiple options to choose from. Be sure to include those options, along with the usual COD option so you won’t hinder your paying customers.

5. Product Reviews and Ratings:

With the world overrun with the competition when it comes to online shopping, it is important to set yourself apart. By adding product review and rating options for your customers to work through, you can build buyer-seller trust. This can help you gain more loyal customers that will know your products are top-shelf right off the bat.

6. Proper Return Policies:

Return policies are considered red flags for merchants. After all, who wants an opened product with dubious origins returned back to them? But by adding proper policies like, e.g., 30-day return policies, your customers will become more at ease with buying a product that they are unsure about.

7. Customer Support/FAQ:

By adding this feature, your customers can easily vent about certain products and give you constructive criticism that can help you during manufacturing. It can ease the customer’s trepidations and also help build trust.

8. Sort and Filter Options:

The option of sort and filter is extremely handy as it can help your customers narrow down their requirements and search for the specific products they want. Creating filters that categorize your entire collection of products, along with images and video demonstrations, will increase customer satisfaction.

9. Order Tracking:

When placing orders, it can come in handy if you add the order tracking option. Once the order is placed, all the way to when it is shipped and delivered.

10. Push Notifications:

To increase your subscribers for your website, you can add push notifications. They can help customers subscribe to any new updates and keep your brand relevant and fresh.

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