Top 5 Best Landing Page Builders

There are plenty of ways to go about marketing your product. The problem arises in gathering enough viewer engagements to really make the cut. Hence why regular web pages aren’t enough to engage your audience. For that purpose, you’ll need a landing page that will generate enough traffic for your webpage. It will point towards your website and promise the services you’re willing to offer to garner public interest.

But in order to get a landing page, first you’ll have to build it. And building a landing page is no piece of cake. It requires a certain toolset. Which is why landing page builders are needed.

In recent years, there have been a lot of landing page builders to manage your landing page, so it can promote your webpage or platform. All of this will be done through a few keystrokes on the user dashboard.

Best Landing Page Builders:

The following list depicts some of the best Landing Page Builder platforms:

1. HubSpot

2. GetResponse

3. Divi

4. Elementor

5. Shortstack


HubSpot is a name that is well-known in the digital marketing community as they feature various marketing tools that come in handy for people building up their online business. Their landing page builder is just the cherry on top. So, HubSpot users can experience an easy-to-use landing page builder as well.

To access their landing page builder, you will first have to be a user of HubSpot’s Marketing Hub platform, and even then you will have to pay for the services of the landing page builder.

The landing page builder offered by HubSpot offers excellent A/B testing features that can come in handy when you’re marketing your business.

As for the pricing plans, HubSpot offers all sorts of plans from basic to professional. But the prices are all in accordance with the quality services they offer as well so there is no need to feel disheartened by how high they are.


GetResponse gets a lot of clout because of the fact that it offers all sorts of paid plans that can be adequate for people from all walks of life. The feature sets that it offers to vary with each package though, with advanced features being offered in the more premium packages.

The marketing side of GetResponse is considered, in a word, competitive as they seek to provide extra features that can help people in building up their brand name online. Among these marketing, features are email marketing, automated marketing, and other such varied forms of e-commerce online that can help in better selling your brand products.

The more extensive and advanced features you wish to explore, such as the ability to create infinite amounts of landing pages, you will have to move towards the more premium packages.


Divi is another name on this list that has some ties with WordPress. But compared to Gutenberg which has a WordPress integration, Divi takes inspiration from WordPress’s work to create a template that users can easily work on.

Through Divi, users can create landing pages left and right at a very fast pace. The templates and features offered by Divi are showcased on the main dashboard. And can be accessed without much problem, all it takes is a few clicks and you’re done.

Along with the fact that it provides fast processing and development speeds. Divi is also extremely cost-effective and basically, build for users that wish to access a simplistic landing page builder that can get the job done. And although there is a matter of a few bugs here and there that users might have to contend with in Divi, it’s safe to say that the newer iterations of this platform have come through and users face a lot fewer problems than they did before using Divi.


Another landing page builder with a WordPress integration, Elementor is a rising star. The reason it’s been hailed as a reputable newcomer whose popularity has only been growing since its advent.

Its price plans oscillate between pricey to average, all with the intention of offering more advanced features with premium packages.

Among the features that it offers are the usual templates, which are quite a lot compared to others. A theme builder and various other design features are all set to give your webpage a new look.


Shortstack may come across as not as reliable as a landing page builder. But for users whose main purpose is detailed online marketing, this platform is a great one. As it focuses more heavily on generating campaigns through social media by starting up contests, packages, giveaways, etc. All of this is done with the purpose of creating leads for your brand, and it is done magnificently.

And since Shortstack knows its own limitations and strengths, it allows users the freedom to create and design their own landing pages as they see fit. Which is a given considering the template designs offered by Shortstack aren’t up to par.

But after you are done with developing your landing page, you can easily market it without too much hassle.

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