Top 5 Project Management Platforms of 2023

Starting a project is always a hassle, considering the constant back and forth that the development team has to go through to make the perfect end product. In situations like that the need for a separate project management platform is extremely important.

The reason why project management platforms are used is to help plan, manage, and keep track of all the activities for the project. Allowing respite for the development team as they focus on finishing the project on time. The management tools ensure that the project finishes on time, without any hassle, and without any problems along the way. Which makes them the perfect tool that every developer requires.

For the purpose of web development, these project management softwares play an even bigger role in different aspects of the project. From task management and error detection to scheduling and analytics, etc. And each of these aspects is a major requirement of every project management platform.

So without further delay, here are the top five project management platforms of 2023.


Jira is a platform more suited to agile project management, helping developers adjust their work in small iterative, and manageable bits. Considered one of the most powerful management tools, this is in part due to its extensive features.

It has resourceful features for project management, such as task management, reporting and analysis, scheduling, and invoice keeping. It also gives users the ability to have higher technical documentation facilities. Developers can make use of Scrum and Kanban boards through Jira as well.

For a team of 10 users, Jira has a $10 monthly fee per user. Which decreases as the number of users in the team increases to 100, 150, and 250.


Trello has a simple user interface and is an online project management platform, perfect for beginners and veteran developers alike. Its dashboard comprises of easily navigational features and Trello’s task management features make it the ideal choice for small or large projects.

This cross-platform and cloud-based software provides a clear overview of the progress of the projects, allowing developers to have adequately arranged activity logs, user integrations. All the while providing excellent system support.

Trello has a free version, as well as several premium versions available for its users. Ranging from $60 per year to $119.

Another online-based project management platform, has all the makings of the perfect project management software. With its basic management tools and third-party integrations, to multiple addons and additional features for the project development teams.

It provides its users with Kanban boards and Gantt charts. Every project is carefully analyzed, and every piece of information and update is available to the team at all times. has a free individual package with several basic and premium packages as well. All prices are extremely cost-effective. Ranging from $8/month to $16, for every user.


Zoho is considered one of the best software development project tools for management. It has all the necessary tools that every development team requires, from automated analytical tools to revision tracking, task assignment and management, and file sharing. Which all comes in handy when progress reports need to be forwarded to the entire team.

It has third-party integrations and a built-in CRM. Any and all tasks are swiftly dealt with through the Gantt charts, which Zoho also supports.

Zoho has the best prices in the industry, with free individual packages and premium packages at prices of $5/month to $10/month.


Wrike is another of the top-ranking project management softwares, dealing with traditional management features, as well as additional planning and collaborative tools. Which makes it an ideal project management platform.

It has third-party integrations with some of the biggest IT services and developer platforms on the internet, with big names like Google, Dell, Microsoft, etc. Showing just how relevant Wrike really is.

Wrike has several premium and professional packages available for its users. The pricing plans range from $9/month for individual users, to $24/month.

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