Top 5 Windows Hosting Providers of 2023

When using an operating system host on a computer instead of a guest operating system. You mean to say that you want to use the features these hosting providers are willing to provide. Similarly, when using a Windows hosting provider, you are using a hosting system provided by Windows. This enables you to seamlessly utilize the services it provides in a virtualized environment. The services you want to use are based more on web programming and development aspects, supported by Windows.

It is nothing new when we say that Windows is the single most popular operating system in the entire world. And any products developed under its umbrella enjoy the same amount of popularity. The hosting services developed and sent out under its banner will have people flocking towards it.

The leading OS hosting providers in the market are Windows and Linux. While the latter might offer more varied features, Windows is still the one most used.

Best Windows Hosting Providers of 2023:

The following list depicts some of the best Windows hosting service providers of the year 2023:

1. Kamatera

2. Hostwinds

3. EverLeap

4. HostGator

5. GoDaddy


Kamatera originated in Israel and is one of the big cloud service providers. It has come in coalition with Windows to provide web services to its users and is quite well known among business and web developers alike, especially cloud experts.

The hosting services are also standardized as their working is suited to both websites and to tech. It is considered extremely flexible and cooperative, while also being scalable in its approach. It knows its users and aims to help them in their endeavors with its robust cloud infrastructure. You can use this web host to work on almost all kinds of web apps, and also the Microsoft business apps like Exchange or Sharepoint.


Although relatively new to the world of web hosting, Hostwinds has certainly garnered a reputation for its services.

The first thing users of Hostwinds will reveal about it is its reasonable prices which are extremely affordable. It has a dedicated following and is considered one of the best hosting providers out there. Its youth does not leave it behind in the game as it has proven just how capable it is of handling large web projects.

It’s cheap and has a decent support system and is ahead of the curve with its excellent services in the world of Windows VPS (Virtual Private Server). So it’s no wonder that most people lean towards it more than others.


Considered one of the best ASP.NET hosting providers, Everleap offers a lot of good features that work great for Microsoft Azure servers. It can be used on an industrial business level as well as for developing multiple websites.

Easily made for those people that want to move forward from shared hosting, Everleap aims to provide easy-to-use services that can be utilized to better handle your web developer needs.

The Microsoft Azure infrastructure that is used, helps to provide that ASP.NET hosting to its users. The support system offered by Everleap is also quite excellent as it is backed by a team of experts that are available even through video calls.

The pricing plan offered by Everleap is also affordable.

It’s true when it is said that Everleap is great for hosting multiple sites and managing them well.


A medium-tier shared ASP.NET hosting and low-end dedicated servers, the services provided by HostGator can be labeled decent at best. It’ll help you accomplish the most basic of tasks and is usually preferred for its affordable premium service plans.

Though its services are best for small companies. It has a long way to go before it can become in league with the rest of the hosting programs.

HostGator is mostly known for its WordPress hosting, hence why its Windows hosting services aren’t as developed. But it does the job assigned to it in the most simple of terms, so that’s saying something at least.


One of the largest hosting providers, and an extremely distinguished one, GoDaddy has reached the point at which they are today through sheer nerves of steel.

As its marketing tactics are considered a bit aggressive and its price ranges a bit ludicrous considering the services it provides, fact remains that GoDaddy gets the job done.

And while there are other better options on this list, GoDaddy can’t be left out because even though their schemes are a bit disrespectful, they are still part of the standard of hosting providers we see today.

Another thing about GoDaddy is that it charges extra to attain key features that should otherwise be made freely available. But their interface is reliable and efficient, so it should be considered.

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