Top 7 Free cPanel Hosting Services

Looking for a free cPanel hosting plan? But you don’t quite know which is the one for you? Well, there are plenty of cPanel hosting services out there that are either completely free of cost or extremely budget-friendly. Not only that, but their interfaces and overall server management and customization options are also easy and efficient.

For those of you that don’t know, cPanel hosting is an easier version of web hosting, as in, that it provides a separate interface for users so that they can perform complex functions through just a click on the provided control panel dashboard.

With that kind of efficiency and ease, one would immediately flock to the cPanel hosting services. This kind of hosting service is usually aimed towards beginners or people that are creating a startup and want the basics of functions, considering they themselves don’t have extensive knowledge of web development. So they go towards platforms that know what they’re doing and are willing to lend a helping hand along the way.

Best cPanel Hosting Providers:

1. Kamatera

2. x10Hosting

3. Freehosting

4. GoogieHost

5. Ajenti

6. Froxler

7. YunoHost


Based in Israel, Kamatera is known for the large number of web services that it provides. It is also something to be noted that Kamatera is also in coalition with Windows, which can attest to its fortitude. Originally a cloud-based web service platform, Kamatera has dived into a lot of other places, aiming to provide the best web services to its users.

Among its cPanel hosting service, Kamatera comes with an SSD storage, as well as powerful processors at the back to support the VPS hosting environment. It seeks to provide users with cutting-edge features that will surely increase the overall scale of the website environment. Using their cPanel, one can build the exact type of website that their business or brand requires, with a minimal amount of money spent.


x10Hosting is another cloud hosting platform, backed by SingleHop, an IT service management company. x10Hosting aims to provide excellent hosting services, and it has kept that oath for more than a decade since its inception.

It offers its users unlimited storage and bandwidth, which can come in handy. Along with several other features, such as the use of programming languages like MySQL, Apache, and PHP. And considering its cPanel comes in either a manual customization format or from one of the latest iterations of cPanel, it’s safe to say that x10Hosting is well equipped to deal with web hosting.


As is obvious from its name, Freehosting is an excellent hosting platform. Offering both free and paid services. It is also an anomaly in the web hosting world as it not only provides users with free hosting services but also registers free domains for their users as well.

Its data centers are situated in Germany and France. And along with its paid services, Freehosting also provides its users with a one-time upgrade feature, in which users can pay for the services they require from the paid plan just once. If they think that those services aren’t up to par with their requirements, they can renege on any future involvements.

Among its many features is the 10GB of storage space, and unlimited bandwidth. Users are provided with subdomains as well. And it offers programming languages like MySQL and PHP 7, among its feature set as well.


Originating more than a decade ago, GoogieHost has a lot of experience under its belt. It has an adequate following, but those that utilize its services are dedicated users. Especially since it offers budget-friendly hosting. It also offers free-of-cost services, along with the usually paid services.

Its servers are located mostly in the UK and the US. And it offers users a guaranteed 99.95% uptime increase. It also provides users with a customized control panel for those that wish to participate more heavily in their server management and website customization process.

As for storage and bandwidth, the storage may be low at 1GB, but GoogieHost offers unlimited bandwidth. It offers unlimited subdomains on a single website, as well as free business emails. The programming languages offered are PHP and MySQL.


Ajenti offers a simple-to-use user interface that offers all the necessary features one needs to better manage their server and control every aspect of it. Ajenti’s main focus is providing simple and easy web hosting so users can work through the kinks in their websites and if they ever have any queries or are facing some problems, they can easily contact the ever-present tech support team.

The primary thing to note about Ajenti is that it’s a Linux-based hosting service. But it still delivers its accessible users with their desired requirements. Such as a robust dashboard and advanced security features. It supports Python and JavaScript.


Froxler is a hosting platform that takes things up a notch and makes things lightweight and easy while providing amenable services, but where it defers is focusing on providing users with a free cPanel. Since Froxler is open source, it is made available for every user out there.

Its features and interface are made to bring ease to their users rather than hinder their work progress. It is also extremely fast in its processing approach. Programming languages supported by Froxler are PHP and MySQL.


Another modern hosting service that aims to provide high-tech facilities to its users, YunoHost has an extremely easy-to-use interface. It is also a cPanel alternative and offers users the ability to self-host their websites by utilizing the feature sets provided by them.

YunoHost offers a control panel that has a toolset that is one click away. It offers users advanced email stacks and extra security features. All of this is done through their controlled environment.

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