Top 7 Mobile Ad Networks of 2023

Looking to monetize your mobile apps but have trouble finding the right platform to market or advertise them? Then mobile ad networks are there to help. Mobile Ad Networks are also called App Ad Networks. They work in tandem with mobile apps to find the perfect fit for publishers to gain revenue.

These networks help publishers to advertise their apps online and find monetary gains by utilizing the tools that they provide. It helps connect your app developers with advertisers or publishers. Then you start utilizing a safe ad space to use for monetization purposes.

All of that may seem contrived but this way is infinitely better for publishers and developers alike. Helping to find the right means for advertising to the masses to gain profit from transactions.

Since there are so many hoaxes available online, we have compiled a list of some of the best mobile ad networks available on the internet that are safe to use.

Best Mobile Ad Networks of 2023:

The following list shows some of the best mobile ad networks of the year 2023:

1. Google Ads

2. Facebook

3. Snapchat

4. Twitter

5. Vivo

6. Xiaomi

7. Unity Ads

Google Ads:

With the name Google added as a preface, one will immediately be put at ease because Google is the leading industry in providing web services. The types of ads that are prevalent through Google Ads are mostly gaming ads. The feature sets that Google Ads provide for optimal monetization through ads include a distinct automation feature that can help you automatically choose the right campaign for your product advertisement.

You can adjust your advertisements and even add in additional details manually which can then be handed over to Google to work into the right advertising campaign for your product. All of this is done through Google’s ML techniques which are always updating themselves based on modern paradigms.


Facebook is another brand name that has gained the love and trust of billions across the globe. So, using this platform as a mobile ad network isn’t that big of a stretch. The fact that it has such a massive audience plays into it being one of the best mobile ad networks on the internet. And since it isn’t limiting its ad developers on what kind of ads they can publish, you will find all sorts of products being advertised on this platform.

With Facebook, there are distinct categories for the types of ads that are published over it, and advertisers are given different options to choose from for what type of ad they want to put out.


Snapchat is also a mega-giant in terms of social media and has been gaining popularity ever since its launch back in 2011. Viewers have flocked to it because of its shiny veneer and the way it has multiple options to interact with your friends in a cool and vibrant setting.

Like Facebook, Snapchat helps marketers advertise all sorts of products without limiting to single genre of ads. It has prolific ad campaigns that are guaranteed to help you seek higher user retention. You will be provided with options to create better traffic for your products through the platform.


Twitter is a widely used social media platform that can be used as an ad marketing platform as well. And since there are a tremendous amount of users that turn towards Twitter, along with several high-profile users, this is a great place for generating extra ad revenue from your product advertisements.

Twitter has a couple of ad formats for you and you can choose which format is the best for your product and then work towards generating campaigns for your ad. These ad campaigns can go either one of two ways, you can attain profit through either click-ad generation or through an optimized auction setting. Allowing you to generate a good amount of revenue.


Vivo is a mobile phone manufacturer company, with headquarters in China. Their phones have seen a recent influx in use as users are slowly steering away from the predictable products manufactured by Samsung and Apple. And since these China mobile phones have better mileage and have the same technology as Samsung and Apple, but at better prices, it’s no wonder that people are gravitating towards them more.

Imagine these products coming with built-in app advertising options. You can utilize the mobile ad network that Vivo provides and get in touch with a large audience that will head towards your product through your ads. Thus, making way for new customers and helping you boost your sales revenue.


Another China mobile manufacturing industry is Xiaomi, which is also on the rise due to its sleek features and new age technology usage. Its products are being launched all over the globe and have captured a huge audience.

Xiaomi also works as an ad platform for users. Using the latest technology to market your product through their app stores and newsstands. Since it is backed by millions across the globe, you will be sure to capture a lot of user retention allowing you to generate ample profit.

Unity Ads:

Unity Ads, like Google, focuses on helping mobile game developers to advertise their products on their platforms. There have been a lot of developers that head towards Unity Ads because of its different ad format support criteria. And also because it helps you manage your campaigns and get the best possible sort of deal.

Since it’s focused on one product, it can help game developers see a rise in traffic and sales profits. You can use its many ad formats that are distinct enough that your product will have a proper advertisement. Thus, allowing you to be the deciding figure on which direction to take for your marketing campaign.

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