Why is JavaScript so popular?

With the increase in advanced web applications, there has been a need for faster processing speeds and higher performance functionality. The reason for which web developers tend to gravitate towards programming languages that can help them render the best results which are in conjunction with the public demand. Among the many programming languages being used, none have quite reached the highs of popularity that JavaScript has. Much of this popularity is due to its extensive libraries that cater to the requirements of web, mobile, server, and even IoT application users.

According to several online polls and statistics, JavaScript is the most used programming language, leaving all the others in the dust. The level of dynamic capabilities that JavaScript has brought to web applications and softwares is obvious in their performance, which has been shown to be extremely enhanced.
Its functionality in different spectrums of the website development and software is unparalleled. Some of the most used open-source libraries are part of the JavaScript modules, such as the Angular, Vue.js, Node.js, Aurelia—to name a few. All of which apply in various fields of either web development, or in IoT applications.


Basically, when it comes to scalability, functionality, and usability, JavaScript is leagues ahead of other programming languages.

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