Why is Python so popular?

One of the most popular programming languages – Python has been around for more than two decades, and its popularity has only peaked since then.

The reason for its popularity among the developer community is because of its easy syntax. It is also extremely easy to learn and work on. Which is a huge plus point for programmers.

It has stored a slew of digital libraries that can be implemented in a number of computational and IT fields. Because Python is a general-purpose language, a number of users around the globe prefer it to the more difficult languages out there.

But what is Python? And what exactly are the reasons behind its popularity?

Let us find out:

Introduction: What is Python?

Python is a general-purpose programming language, mostly used for developing websites and software. It has a wide range of uses in a lot of computer fields. Making it one of the most used programming languages in the entire world.

Due to its applications in machine learning, design, software development, data analysis, etc., and its additional applications as an object-oriented language, Python has become the most widely used language.

Applications: Why is it so popular?

Considered one of the best and simplest programming languages in the world – Python is way ahead in the game compared to other programming languages like C, C#, JavaScript, Ruby, etc.

Here are some of the reasons for its popularity:

1. Open-Source

2. Easy to Use

3. Multiple Libraries and Frameworks

4. Supports Machine Learning and Data Analysis

5. Dynamic and Object-Oriented


Python is an open-source and free programming language. That can even be reused and redistributed. Because of this, it is extremely easy to use, without you having to download or pay for it. You can visit their website and easily download the latest version of Python.

Easy to Use:

The accessibility of this language is extremely prominent. You don’t have to have expert-level programming capabilities to be able to work with this language. Which makes Python a popular language for beginners to understand and work with.

The syntax and code are easy to read and write, and even easier to understand. As Python syntax has a lot in common with the natural language. It has increased readability among users.

Multiple Libraries and Frameworks:

Python is a versatile language that supports a slew of libraries and frameworks. Users can easily navigate the environment by making use of these libraries.

And as Python supports a lot of IT communities, these libraries and frameworks can help the development of your projects. No matter what your field is.

Some of the most used Python libraries are libraries like Panda, NumPy, Scikit-learn, Matplotlib, etc.

Supports Machine Learning and Data Analysis:

Among the many IT communities that make use of Python, Machine Learning and Data Analysis are the fields that make the most use of it. Python has specific libraries that support Machine Learning paradigms.

Since Machine Learning is the future of computation, it is even more of a plus point that Python supports the development and processing of ML applications.

As for the analysis and optimization of data from these projects, Python is a great programming tool.

Dynamic and Object-Oriented:

Python is a dynamic object-oriented and procedure-oriented language. Focusing on building functions and logic and developing object-oriented applications and designs.


Yes, Python is an extremely popular programming language. Because of the fact that it helps supports a lot of IT communities with their projects and applications. While also being extremely easy to use and understand.

Its syntax leans more toward the natural English language, which makes it instantly likable. No need for the huge learning curve that other programming languages demand of their users.

And since Python’s popularity has only been increasing in the past years, it is no wonder that it’ll be here for years to come too.

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