Why is React popular for front-end development?

Ten years since its release and React.JS is still considered the most popular JavaScript library for creating dynamic interfaces for web development. It has some of the best frameworks for front-end development. The cherry on top is definitely it being open-source and available for all.

But what is the reason for its popularity? It’s obvious there is credibility here considering big names like Facebook employ React.JS in their interfaces. Almost a decade since it’s been active and it shows no signs of slowing down. With it being used for mobile and web applications.

The proof of its usage lies in its execution and results. The end product is always rendered beautifully, making it obvious just how productive React.JS is.

With its popularity still peaking to this day. As we enter the new year, let us look at what React.JS has to offer and what are some of the reasons for its popularity.

What is React?

React.JS is an open-source JavaScript library, developed primarily by Facebook to create dynamic interfaces and handle web applications. The designs rendered through React are extremely effective for any application and manage to add all the components required for your specific needs.

The interfaces created through React are not only dynamic in nature, but they are also easy to update and debug. Because of its declarative nature, your code becomes easier to understand and program.

Another fact about React is that it is component based. This architectural approach helps in creating components in your app that represent specified segments and elements. This helps with making easier what was previously complicated in your User Interface.

React is also quite capable of providing high processing and rendering speeds. For front-end development, there is a special need for optimal speeds, which is more than guaranteed by React.

If the component-based architecture that React designs isn’t enough, there is also the fact that React is easy to understand and implement. There is a very small learning curve when it comes to using React.

Why is React popular?

Some of the top reasons why React is considered the best for front-end development of web applications are listed below:

It is easy to understand and implement:

Not only does React have a small learning curve, it is also extremely scalable. It eases complexities for developers and provides simple solutions for building applications. It is versatile and has the ability to integrate with other libraries and frameworks as well. Plus, you can pick up the basics of React really quickly.

It builds dynamic UIs:

With the support of its impressive and simple designs, your application will have a robust and dynamic interface. Its declarative nature allows users to develop their applications with minimal complexities.

It has a Component-Based architecture:

React enables you to dynamically create components and elements in your application that makes it easier to navigate your app.

It is SEO friendly:

With the types of dynamic and interactive applications it creates, you can bet that your end product will be search engine optimized. Since it focuses on front-end development, your applications are rendered quickly as well. This is the perfect opportunity to gain traction online. Additionally, your load time will be really fast. As React renders the DOM (Document object model) virtually before as a copy of the real DOM. Also modifying your interface through the Virtual DOM.

It has a supportive community:

The people have spoken, and they choose React. As its popularity skyrocketed, React has built a strong community that backs it. Developers love React.JS and with good reason. In the years to come, React will only grow in popularity as its community of web developers also grows.

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