Why isn’t Vue.js Popular Despite Being a Great Front-end Framework?

Among the many JavaScript frameworks available, there is one that gets easily overlooked next to the rest. React and Angular being the more popular JavaScript frameworks, are praised for their features and capabilities that help in application development. One JavaScript framework is all but left in the dust – Vue.js, despite being a great front-end framework.

As JavaScript helps create an environment for developers to design and manufacture their web applications, it also goes a step further and makes the entire process even easier. With the help of lightweight, easy-to-understand, and implement frameworks, developers have been able to increase their productivity rates. More complex and innovative applications are developed as a result, all thanks to these frameworks.

Ideally, the ones mentioned most are React.js, as it is a JavaScript framework created by Facebook. All parts of the mega-giant social media platform work on React. And with its component-based nature of development, visualization of web applications has become even better.

Compared to that there is Angular which is created by Google and is used similarly to React.js with Facebook. Looking at these two, Vue.js is left on the wayside for being a standalone framework. Despite its excellent nature and a community of committed users, Vue.js is considered to have spillover features from the more popular frameworks.

But what are the qualities that make Vue.js such an excellent framework for front-end development? And can it maintain its status in the future?

Pros of Vue.js:

Vue.js has a slew of advantages that prove its worth, some of which are listed below:

1. Lightweight: Vue.js is considered extremely lightweight, with its main package having a size of 18kB. This framework is easy to install and download, with fast performance to boot.

2. Excellent Performance: As such, the smaller the size, the faster its execution. Vue.js has excellent APIs, with built-in directives. Its performance, as such, is quite good.

3. Easy to Learn: The learning curve required for Vue.js isn’t a lot. It is easy to understand and implement. Its concepts aren’t considered complex but they are the best of what JavaScript has to offer.

4. Simple Integrations: To add integrations to your web application, Vue.js is a great option. It adds to the design and UX of your application.

5. Reactivity: One of the Vue.js APIs is a Composition API, which is similar to what React.js provides its users. The reactivity of its system helps create layered models of your application.

Cons of Vue.js:

Despite being an effective JavaScript framework, Vue.js hasn’t been able to retain the popularity of other frameworks like React.js or Angular.js. The reasons for that are listed as cons below:

1. Language Barrier: When it comes to using Vue.js for your projects, there is a steep language barrier as most of its directives and libraries are built in China, and written in their native language. Thus, causing issues with English-speaking users.

2. Not for Large and Complex Projects: The community of developers for Vue.js aren’t a lot. This can make things difficult in case of large project development, as there won’t be a lot of support from a community of users. Problem solving will have a large time complexity rate.

3. Over Flexibility: As Vue.js offers a lot of flexibility, i.e., a lot of creative freedom, there can be some issues of inconsistencies. With more severe problems occurring as the project goes on. Issues in code or even project malfunctions can occur.

4. Limited Resources and Components: Even though Vue.js has an incredible ecosystem, it still doesn’t have a lot of support from its community. Not like React or Angular due to their popularity. This leads to limited resources available. But there is hope on the horizon as more components and plugins are currently being developed in the near future.

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